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I have worked with Sara for over many years on various projects and found her knowledge, integrity and work ethic second to none. She has impressed me and my clients with her knowledge of the intricacies of the c-store business, details that make specialization a must when brokering this property type. When my clients needed a local attorney to review a lease and a local c-store equipment repair company, Sara had the information at hand. Indeed, her network of the best c-store professionals in the business make her an invaluable asset.   More than her contacts, however, Sara has brokered so many stores, taking them from initial valuations all the way through closing, her read on a store is unerring; moreover, she has the experience, data, and communication skills to support her conclusions. Sara has made me a better appraiser of convenience stores, and I cannot overstate the privilege it's been to work with her. 


Anthony Alderman

President, North by Northwest Consulting, Inc.

-Specializing in C-Store & Going Concern Appraisals




Selling Businesses for over 18 years

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